FSC Realty, LLC, a privately owned limited liability company, is an operating partner/owner of apartments, shopping centers, and office buildings. Guided by Stanley R. Fimberg and his partner, Albert A. Baril, there is over 50 years of experience in the acquisition, ownership, management, financing, and disposition of all of the above property types.

About Us

In recent years, FSC has been involved in the acquisition, substantial renovation and repositioning of apartment properties, and some development. Despite its size, the company and its predecessors have been involved in the ownership and management of over 42,000 apartment units and 5,800,000 square feet of commercial properties. Because there are only two principals involved, FSC is able to react quickly to opportunities presented to it, including the ability to deal efficiently with the acquisition, due diligence, ownership, and operating cycles of properties, as well as the disposition of properties. This operating style has attracted both individual and institutional investors over the years who have valued the professional manner in which FSC Realty approaches the process of owning, managing and disposing of investments.

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Reaching into diverse markets

FSC Realty has been able to do three billion dollars of business without increasing its size and adding layers of bureaucracy through the ability to creatively source properties, to astutely make decisions, and to quickly take action. In addition to managing its current real estate portfolio, FSC is now actively involved in an acquisition program with capital provided by both high net worth individuals and institutional partners.

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Unique Acquisition Modes

The principals strongly believe their acquisition style creates real value for the investors it represents. Through its established relations with owners and brokers, FSC can access investment opportunities to allow maximum profitability. Even in this competitive economy where investors such as FSC are competing with real estate investment trusts and other institutional investors, FSC prides itself on its ability to locate unique investment opportunities for its investors.

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Sound Management

The ongoing operating and management of multi-family and commercial properties is crucial to ultimate success of its investment. FSC Realty believes that effective asset and property management is the greatest value it can offer to its investors. Through its affiliated management companies, FSC Realty offers the highest quality of property management.

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Access to Advanced and Innovative Forms of Financing

FSC is currently working to create the most profitable capital structures to realize optimum yields through the placement of senior debt, mezzanine debt, and equity. By constantly dealing with the financial marketplace, FSC is aware of the most up-to-date and financially beneficial forms of financing. The company is constantly on the frontier of the newest financing techniques that will result in the highest yields to its investors, In order to create these yields to investors, FSC balances debt and equity requirements to insure optimal yield while protecting capital. In the last seven years, FSC has financed in excess of $600,000,000. FSC has financing relationships with the following lenders: (i) FNMA, FHMC, HUD, (ii) bank financing with California Federal Bank, Citibank, Guaranty Federal Bank, Key Bank, and Residential Funding Corporation, and (iii) securitized lenders including Archon Financial, Lehman Brothers, GMAC, Wachovia, and Holiday Mortgage Corporation.

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Maximum Profit Upon Disposition

As in every asset class, there is a time to be a buyer and a time to be a seller. FSC's consistent review of operating facts and figures and its awareness of buying and selling trends in the marketplace keep it appraised as to when it is the best time to dispose of a property to create the highest yield for FSC's investors. FSC has a proven track record of executing such sales. The principals of FSC Realty have successfully disposed of over one billion dollars of assets.

The Principals

Stanley Fimberg

Stanley R. Fimberg
Managing Member

Albert Baril

Albert A. Baril



Minimal Structure
There are no layers of management bogging down the company's ability to act quickly and precisely.

Commitment of staff members
Staff members have a conscientious approach and vested interest in the company's success and the satisfaction of clients.

Painstaking scrutiny
Each principal is devoted to examining the crucial details of income property investment management and sale.

Long-term relationships
FSC Realty understands the importance of networking in the real estate industry and engenders and values long-standing business and personals.

Principal involvement
Clients interact directly with principals.


FSC Realty, LLC, established in 1996, is a successor to three other real estate investment partnerships. Stanley Fimberg was the general partner in all three: Capital Asset Management, Ltd., Stanley R. Fimberg, Ltd., and Fimberg & Williams, L.P. Over a 35-year period, the combined real estate transactions entered into by the four companies exceeded three billion dollars. This consisted of over 42,000 apartments units and over 5,800,000 square feet of commercial properties.

Transaction History

Total = 52,855 Units

Residential Properties

  Montgomery Meadow Apts. 200-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Glendale Olive Tree Apartments 762-Unit Apt. Project
  Phoenix Alanza Place 360-Units Apt. Project
  Phoenix Parc at Midtown 306-Unit Apt. Project
  Phoenix Rancho Ladera Apts. 220-Unit Apt. Project
  Phoenix Saddleback Apartments 582-Unit Apt. Project
  Phoenix Thomas at Midtown 225-Unit Apt. Project
  Phoenix Vista Sureno 186-Unit Apt. Project
  Tempe Quadrangle Village Apartments 510-Unit Apt. Project
  Scottsdale Morningside Apartments 160-Unit Apt. Project
  Little Rock Raintree Apts. 232-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Bay Point Willow Pass 120-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Brentwood  Armacost Apartments  23-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Citrus Heights The Grove at Sunrise New Development / 206 Units
  Citrus Heights  Pavilions at Sunrise 300-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Hacienda Heights The Park Apts. 350-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Hollywood  Spectrum 68-Unit Apt. Project
  Hollywood  The Summit 90-Unit Apt. Project
  Hollywood  Wilcox Apartments 101-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Hollywood  Fuller Martel Plaza 82-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  La Jolla Mirada Apartments 473-Unit Apt. Project
  Laguna Niguel Windridge 344-Unit Apt. Project
  Los Angeles Kingsley Tower 103-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Northridge Village at Granada Hills 153-Unit Apt. Project
  Pittsburg The Meridian 156-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Riverside Overlook at Mission Grove 208-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  San Diego Carmel Terrace 384-Unit Apt. Project
  San Jose  Corners III Apts. 224-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Santa Clara Marina Playa Beach & Racquet 272-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Sherman Oaks Montevida Apartments  47-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Simi Valley Rancho Corrales 229-Unit Apt. Project
  Valley Village Laurel Canyon Apartments 56-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Van Nuys Villa Marbella  41-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Arvada Castlegate 504-Unit Apt. Project
  Colorado Springs Regency Tower 125-Unit Apt. Project
  Lakewood Waterside Condos 326-Unit Apt. Project
  Lakewood Waterside IV 200-Unit Apt. Project
  Lakewood Waterside 608-Unit Apt. Project
  Littleton Shadow Mountain Apts. 240-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Dania Sheridan Ocean Club 260-Unit Apt. Project
  Ft. Lauderdale Port Royale 252-Unit Apt. Project
  Jacksonville Pinebrook Apts. 208-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Orlando La Plaza Apts. 144-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Orlando Resort at Lake Fredrica 360-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Orlando Savannah Trace 160-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Tampa Cove Apts.-Ph. I 224-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Atlanta The Heights at Lenox 352-Unit Apt. Project
  Atlanta English Village 404-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Atlanta Windy Hill 240-Unit Apt. Project
  Atlanta Franciscan Apts. 330-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Clarkston Woodcreek Apts. 356-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Decatur Meadowood Apts. 420-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Chicago Michigan-Chestnut 444-Unit High Rise Apt. Project & Commercial Space
  Indianapolis Tanglewood Apts.  210-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Indianapolis Apple Apts 220-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Indianapolis Country Lakes Apts. 184-Unit Garden Apt. Complex
  Mission Silverwood 200-Unit Apt. Project
  Bossier City  La Plaza Apts. 226-Unit Garden Apt Project
  Shreveport Towne Oaks Apts. South-Ph. I & II 184-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Shreveport Towne Oaks Apts. South-Ph. III  152-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  District of Columbia Sunderland 150-Unit Apt. Project
  Laurel Marymont 308-Unit Apt. Project
  Las Vegas Fountains at Flamingo 521-Unit Apt. Project
  Las Vegas Desert Park 368-Unit Apt. Project
  Las Vegas Trails 440-Unit Apt. Project
New Mexico
  Albuquerque Alvarado Apartments 210-Unit Apt. Project
  Albuquerque Arroyo Villas 200-units Apt. Project
  Albuquerque Dorado Apartments 216-Unit Apt. Project
  Albuquerque Landmark Apartments 101-Unit Apt. Project & Commercial Space
  Albuquerque La Paloma Apartments 424-Unit Apt. Project
  Albuquerque Spring Park Apts. 300-Unit Apt. Project
  Oklahoma City Indian Creek Apts. 358-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Oklahoma City Whispering Hills Apts. 442-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Tulsa Park Place Apts.-Ph. I & I 304-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Tulsa Park Place Apts.-Ph. III 138-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Beaverton Woodcreek 440-Unit Apt. Project
  Tigard Meadowcreek 304-Unit Apt. Project
  Lancaster Spring Manor 208-Unit Apt. Project
  Philadelphia St. Regis 260-Unit Apt. Project
  Pittsburgh Dithridge Apartments 160-Unit Apt. Project
  Willow Grove Jamestown Village 250-Unit Apt. Project
  Nashville Post Ridge Apts. 150-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Nashville Knollwood Apts. 326-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Abilene Las Brisas Apts.-Ph. III  192-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Amarillo Tiffany Square Apts. Ph. II 73-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Arlington Bristol Pointe  320-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Austin (Round Rock) Rocking Horse Ranch 356-Units Apt. Project
  Austin (Round Rock) Bartz Ranch 296-Unit Apt. Project
  Austin Austin Waters at Tech Ridge 300-Unit Apt. Project
  Austin Old California 256-Unit Apt. Project
  Austin Still Waters at Southpark Meadows 256-Unit Apt. Project
Brownsville La Plaza Apts.  152-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Bryan Oaks Apts 248- Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Bryan Willow Oaks Apts. 299-Unit Garden Apt. Project
College Station  Parkway Apts. 166-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  College Station  Eastmark 176-Unit Apt. Project
Conroe Retreat at Conroe 210-Unit Apt. Project
Corpus Christi  Sage West-East Apts. 203-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Corpus Christi  Towne Oaks Apts. 184-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Dallas Carnaby Square Apts. 176-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Dallas Broadstone 5151 245-Unit Apt. Project
  Dallas Riverwalk 176-Unit Apt. Project
  Dallas City North 345-Units Apt. Project
  Dallas Lakewood Oaks  352-Unit Apt. Project
  Dallas Citadel Apts. 335 -Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Dallas Timberlodge  216-Unit Apt. Project
  Dallas Tartan Apts. 97-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Dallas Hawthorne Hemingway-Harcourt 66-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Dallas Summit Apts. 196-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Dallas Hunter's Run 281-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Dallas Vista Pointe Apts. 231-Unit Apt. Project
El Paso West Town 192-Unit Apt. Project
  El Paso Ridgemar 264-Unit Apt. Project
El Paso  La Plaza Apts.  129-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Frisco Old Hickory Square Apartments 241-Units Apt. Project
  Frisco Villas at Chapel Creek 304-Units Apt. Project
  Fort Worth Ridgemar Square  332-Unit Apt. Project
  Grapevine Royal St. Moritz Apts. 336-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston Alanza Brook Apartments 336-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston  Alexan Silber 402-Units Apt. Project
  Houston  Kressington Place 136-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston  Chelsea Court III 336-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston  Cynthia Square Apts. 122-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Champions Green 192-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston  Rock Springs Apts. 254-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Chelsea Court I 424-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston  The Biltmore 170-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston  Victoria Place 144-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston  Summervale Apts. 310-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Champion Oaks 252-Unit Apt. Project
  Houston  Gallery Apts. 101-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Bastille Apts. 296-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  The Place at Greenway 251-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Winterset Apts.  408-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Springmeadows Apts. 304-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  The Point at Windmill Lakes Apts. 160-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Scotland Yard Apts. 678-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Chateaux Normandie 123- Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston  Greenbriar Chateau 145-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Houston Place at Greenway 219-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Laredo Versailles 100-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Lewisville Rose Hill Apartments 290-Unit Apt. Project
Longview Towne Oaks North Apts 136-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Longview Towne Oaks Apts.-Ph. IV 128-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Longview Towne Oaks Apts.-Ph. I-III  104-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Longview Vista Larga Apts. 344-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Lubbock Lubbock Square Apts. 124-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Lubbock El Chaparral 115-Unit Apt. Project
Midland Chaparral Apts.  124-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Midland Thornwood Apts. 109-Unit Garden Apt. Project
N. Richland Hills Towne Oaks Apts. 242-Unit Garden Apt Project
Odessa Regency Square Apts 114-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Paris Spanish Oaks Apts. 112-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Pflugerville (Austin) Adagio at Swenson Farms 336-Unit Apt. Project
Pflugerville (Austin) The Highlands  292-Unit Apt. Project
Plano Ashley Park  140-Unit Apt. Project
Sachse Woodbridge Villas 224-Unit Apt. Project
San Antonio Colonnade Apts. 312-Unit Apt. Project
  San Antonio Nob Hill Apts. 368-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  San Antonio Altamonte  432-Unit Apt. Project
  San Antonio L'Atriums of Cinnamon Creek Apts. 276-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  San Antonio Quarry Townhomes 150-Unit Apt. Project
  San Antonio Rosemont 112-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  San Antonio Rosemont Place 32-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  San Antonio Estates at Canyon Ridge 270-Unit Apt. Project
Temple Holly Oaks Apts. 122-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Tyler Sherwood Forest Apts.-Ph. I & II  104-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Tyler Towne Oaks Apts. Ph. I-IV 240-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Tyler Towne Oaks South Apts.  192-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Tyler Sherwood Forest Apts.-Ph. I 128-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Uvalde Landmark Apts.  123-Unit Garden Apt. Project
Waco Towne Oaks 78-Unit Apt. Project
  Waco Village Green 248-Unit Apt. Project
Wichita Falls Tiffany Apts. I & I 360-Unit Apt. Project
  Wichita Falls Camelot Apts.  137-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Wichita Falls Tiffany Apts.-Ph. I 198-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Wichita Falls Tiffany Apts.-Ph. II 162-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Salt Lake City Santa Fe Apartments 492-Unit Apt. Project
  Alexandria Mayfair Mall 459-Unit Apt. Project
  Alexandria Saxony Square 220-Unit Apt. Project
  Auburn Amberview 157-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Auburn Amberview(2) 157-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Auburn Auburn Glen Apartments 148-Unit Apartment Project
  Burien Cottage Woods Apts. 61-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Des Moines Saddlebrook Apartments 223-Unit Apartment Project
  Edmonds Edmonds Highlands Apts. 120-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Edmonds Pacific Park Apartments. 177-Units Apartment Project
  Everett Regal Pointe Apartments 120-Unit Apartment Project
  Everett Colby Creek Apartments 336-Unit Apt. Project
  Everett Covington Farms 352-Unit Apartment Project
  Everett Matanza Creek Apartments 152-Unit Apartment Project
  Everett Fulton's Landing 248-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Everett Fulton's Crossing  256-Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Everett Turnberry 221-Garden Apt. Project
  Everett Shadow Creek Apartments 216-Unit Apt. Project
  Federal Way Brier Woods(f/k/a Brightwater) 136-Unit Apt. Project
  Federal Way Fox Run 162-Unit Apt. Project
  Federal Way Fox Run Apartments(2) 162-Unit Apt. Project
  Federal Way Glen Park 464-Unit Apt. Project
  Federal Way Pheasant Run Apartments 308-Unit Apt. Project
  Federal Way Steel Lake Estates 72-Unit Apt. Project
  Kent Chandler's Bay 1 293-Unit Apt. Project
  Kent Jonathan's Landing  576-Unit Apt. Project
  Lake City City North 94-Units Apt. & 9 Commercial Spaces
  Lynnwood Altia Townhomes 230-Unit Apt. Project
  Mountlake Terrace Creekside 512-Unit Apt. Project
  Redmond Eagle Rim  156-Unit Apt. Project
  Redmond Pointe East  76-Unit Apt. Project
  Renton Altitude Apartments 120-Unit Apt. Project
  Renton Crown Pointe Apts. 196-Unit Apt. Project
  Renton Hilltop Apts. 156-Unit Apt. Project
  Renton Lexington Heights Apts. 252-Unit Apt. Project
  Renton Windsor Apts.  210-Unit Garden Apt. Projects
  Renton Mission Ridge 260- Unit Garden Apt. Project
  Seattle Newport Heights  80-Unit Apt. Project
  Seattle Muriel's Landing 100-Units Apt. Project & 4 Commercial Spaces
  Seattle Stonebrook  New Development/125 Units
  Seattle Clocktower Apts. 140-Unit Apt. Project
  Seattle Linden Square Apartments 186-Units Apt. Project
  Woodinville Edgewood 203-Unit Apt. Project
Total = 50,700 Units
This list of holdings was accurate as of the brochure's publication date and is subject to change without notice.

2(note: we used to own this, sold it and now own it again)

Commercial Properties

Total = 5,845,934 Sq. Ft.
  Phoenix Indian Village S.C. 63,900 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Tempe McClintock Square S.C. 106,765 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Longmont Horizon Park S. C. 130,767 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Shopping Center
  Ft. Collins K-Mart Plaza 117,498 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Clearwater U.S. Home Bldg. 72,000 Sq. Ft. Office Building
  Clearwater Executive Office Plaza 106,621 Sq. Ft. Office Building
  Casselberry Live Oaks Center 71,524 Sq. Ft. Warehouse Building
  Lake Worth Town & Country S.C. 62,690 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Miami Quail Roost S.C. 61,906 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Leesburg Southside S.C. 66,340 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Tallahassee Barnett Bank Bldg. 110,000 Sq. Ft. Office Building
  Atlanta Financial Services Bldg. 110,000 Sq. Ft. Office Building
  Chicago Michigan-Chestnut 444-Unit High Rise Apt. Project & Commercial Space
  West Des Moines Westown S.C. 173,632 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Salina Mid-State Mall 264,250 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Center
  Topeka Fairlawn Plaza Mall 196,539 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  New Orleans Elmwood Oakc Office Bldg. 75,150 Sq. Ft. Office Building
  Baton Rouge Spring Plaza S.C 136,204 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Swampscott Swampscott Mall 135,358 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Gladstone Prospect Plaza S.C. 175,940 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Columbia Biscayne Mall 263,433 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Center
  Las Vegas Paradise Shopping Center 14,000 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Carson Warehouse Market S.C. 115,289 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
New Hampshire
  Merrimack The Commons 81,107 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  West Lebanon K-Mart S.C. 134,468 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
New Jersey
  Tinton Falls 776 Shrewsbury Avenue Bldg. 30,061 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Hamilton K-Mart Plaza 149,060 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Bulington Wishing Well Plaza 120,810 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Ft. Lee Sun Chemical Bldg. 105,377 Sq. Ft. Office Building
New York
  Yorktown Heights Yorktown Green S.C. 156,870 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Patchogue Waverly Plaza 92,380 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Springdale Springdale Mall 199,311 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Oklahoma City Plaza III Warehouse 143,750 Sq. Ft. Warehouse Building
South Carolina
  Hilton Head Market Place S.C. 81,403 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Rock Hill York Plaza S.C 136,661 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Chattanooga Old Brainerd Centre 57,355 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Chattanooga Soddy-Daisy Plaza 47,325 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Chattanooga Red Food Center South 48,075 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Maryland Foothills Mall 175,108 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Kingsport Kings Giant, S.C. 146,178 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Clear Lake Camino South S.C. 95,092 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  College Station Parkway Shopping Center 156,520 Sq. Ft. Shopping Center
  San Antonio Dellcrest S.C 96,415 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Houston Magnum Square S.C. 44,198 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Houston Kingsland Village S.C. 54,174 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  San Antonio Military Drive Plaza 147,817 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  San Antonio North Star Square 51,664 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Austin Village S.C. 140,490 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  El Paso Coronado Hills S.C. 127,121 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Dallas 1604 Main Office Bldg. 39,323 Sq. Ft. Office Building
  El Paso Sheraton Inn Motor Hotel 200-Room Motor Hotel
  Houston Antoine Square S.C. 54,032 Sq. Ft. Strip Center
  Killeen Midtown Mall S.C. 135,055 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Center
  Chehalis Lewis County Mall 136,201 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Center
  Lake City The Rekhi Building 84-Units Apt. & Commercial Space Project


Total = 5,845,934 Sq. Ft.

This list of holdings was accurate as of the brochure's publication date and is subject to change without notice.

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